Mandatory Cross Connection Control Survey is attached below.

Dear Geneseo Water System Customer:

In the interest of the safety of the community’s drinking water system, the City is required by the Illinois EPA (IL EPA) to have a Cross Connection Control Program in place. Part of the program is a mandatory Biennial Cross Connection Control Survey to be filled out by all residents and businesses connected to the water system. The following form is to be used by water department personnel and City of Geneseo Water Department in fulfilling our mandatory report to the IL EPA. Data from this form may be used to determine if the property should be inspected by a licensed plumber with the proper certification to detect and correct any cross-connections found on the property.

DEFINITION OF A CROSS-CONNECTION:   A cross-connection is any situation that allows the opportunity for a potable (safe) water source and a non-potable (contaminated) water source to come in contact with each other, due to a pressure reduction in the city water main (water main break, hydrant in use). Examples include a garden hose with a fertilizer or chemical feeder connected to it that mixes the product with water as it is sprayed, or a garden hose outlet submerged underwater, such as a hose lying in a pool or hot tub. With disruption in the city main pressure these examples could cause a backflow of unsafe water into the system.  Two images of backflow devices appear  below.

These surveys are required by the IL EPA and must be completed.  Please return by March 31, 2019. 

We thank you for your cooperation in this matter. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call Illinois EPA (815)987-7760 or City of Geneseo Water Department at (309)944-4243.

Surveys may be returned (postage-free) in the drop box located in our parking lot.

You may also scan and e-mail the completed form to: Fax to 309.944.8254 or mail to:

City of Geneseo
115 S Oakwood Ave Geneseo IL 61254