Why Geneseo?

Geneseo is conveniently located on Interstate 80 just 20 minutes by interstate highway to a major international airport. There are eleven major Midwest cities located within 250 miles of Geneseo, including Chicago. The Mississippi River is a short distance away and easily accessible by one of the three major interstates: Interstate 80; Interstate 280; and Interstate 74. You can have the values and advantages of a small, safe town while having close access to big town services. Geneseo has it all for your family.

Geneseo's Vision

Aldermen have adopted Vision 2020, spearheaded by Alderman Derek Betcher for the city. Geneseo's "Vision 2020" is a document that will help serve as a road map for long-term planning in the city. At its most basic level, Vision 2020 is a checklist of Geneseo's strengths. When major projects or budget issues are discussed, the Vision 2020 list can be used to help evaluate the project's benefit to the city. Vision 2020 is a tool that can help us evaluate and prioritized ideas. Vision 2020 helps show our values and the key things we want to pursue. Read More