The Police Commission Board is responsible for exercising the responsibilities of civil service commission of the City's Police Department. The Board derives its power and authority from an Act of the General Assembly entitled "Division 2.1 Board of Fire and Police Commissioners", of Chapter 65 of the Illinois Compiled Statutes.

The Board is responsible for screening new applicants for original appointment, for testing candidates for promotion and for conducting evidentiary/disciplinary hearings when charges of misconduct are filed against a member of the classified service or a police officer chooses to appeal a suspension imposed by the Chief of Police.

Board Members (*denotes Chair; ** denotes Vice-chair)
Doug Emerick* - 2021

Dan Wisdom** - 2019

Kim Hankins- 2021

Meeting Schedule
The Board meets quarterly on the first Monday at 8:30 a.m. in the Conference Room in the Police Department.

2018 Meetings:

Monday, March 5

Monday, June 4

Tuesday, September 4

Monday, Decemeber 3


Agenda Minutes
2018- December 03  
2018-September 14 Special Meeting  
2018-September 04  
2018-August 27 Special Meeting 2018-August-27 Special Meeting
2018-August 24 Special Meeting-Rescheduled N/A
2018-July-25 Special Meeting 2018-July-25 Special Meeting
2018-July-12 Special Meeting 2018-July-12 Special Meeting
2018-June-29-Special Meeting 2018-June-29 Special Meeting
2018-June-4 2018-June-4
2018-April-19 Special Meeting 2018-April-19 Special Meeting
2018-May-8 Special Meeting 2018-May-8 Special Meeting
2018-March-29 Special Meeting 2018-March-29 Special Meeting
2018-March-19 Special Meeting 2018-March-19 Special Meeting
2018-March-05  2018-March-05
2018-February-22 Interviews N/A
2018-February-16 Special Meeting 2018-February-16 Special Meeting
2018-Jauary-16 Special Meeting 2018-January-16 Special Meeting
2017-December 13 Special Meeting 2017-December-13 Special Meeting
2017-December-04 2017-December-04
2017-September-05 2017-September-05
2017-June-29 Special Meeting 2017-June-29 Special Meeting
2017-June-5 No Meeting
2017-March-6 No Meeting