Wind Turbine Product Information
City of Geneseo – Wind Turbines Fact Sheet
Wind Turbines started operation November, 2009
Wind Turbine Monthly Report, October 2016

From November 2009 until November 2011, Geneseo’s Wind Turbines …

  • Have generated 13,430,180 kWh.  This is enough generation to power 560 typical homes for two years at 24  hours per day / seven days a week.
  • Have had an average total operating availability percentage of 88%, which includes the down time for  warranty repairs on Turbine 2 (east turbine.)
  • Have reduced coal burning by 5,572,810 pounds.
  • Have reduced sulfur dioxide emissions by 76,650 pounds.
  • Have reduced nitrogen oxide emissions by 78,183 pounds.
  • Have reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 28,391,160 pounds.
  • Have generated $1.3 million dollars in revenue, against $1.1 million dollars in costs (including bonding  costs, operations costs and maintenance costs.)  The city so far has realized a positive cash flow of  $200,000.00.