April 27 2024 Geneseo Artwalk
May 2 – May 4 2024 Spring City-Wide Garage Sales in Geneseo

On Monday, we announced that we had a mechanical issue with one of our wells.  After intense investigation, we can confidently say that our pumps are operating normally.

Geneseo however, is dependent on groundwater as our only source of water.  With the drought in 2020 throughout the area, it has started to affect our aquifer.  The four City wells are in a shallow, unconfined aquifer that is subject to water table fluctuation.  The fluctuation can be caused from drought conditions, regional pumping, and seasonal irrigation.  The wells do not currently have the same pumping capacity as they would under typical conditions.

Our well and pump contractor has recommended we reduce the pumping capacity of our wells and monitor them closely.  The City, therefore, is obligated to ask all our citizens to conserve water usage until further notice.  Please refrain from irrigating lawns and landscaping where possible.  Also understand that the hanging baskets downtown have been affected and may start to look poorly unless we receive some rain.  We will not be watering the baskets until the situation is resolved.

Thank you for your cooperation in this time of drought.