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Electric Utility

Geneseo Electric Personal

Municipal Utility


  • The Electric Utility Department is responsible for the maintenance and operations of the City’s electric generating facilities and its electric distribution system.Eric Rowold is the Director of Electrical Operations.
  • The Geneseo Municipal Electric Plant began generating electricity for the citizens of Geneseo on October 31, 1933. The Plant currently serves 3,600 customers.
  • The peak load has increased from 200 kilowatts in 1933 to 20,185 kilowatts in 1995.
  • The Plant was completely remodeled in 1946-1947 and additions were made to the building in 1961, 1966, 1967, 1973, 1998, and 2002.
  • The generating capacity of the Plant has increased from an installed capacity of 720 kilowatts in 1933 to 37,747 kilowatts in 2015. Of this capacity, 29,840 kilowatts comes from diesel and natural gas; 3,000 kilowatts come from wind, 3,690 kilowatts come from coal and 944 kilowatts from solar.
  • In 1973 an interconnection with Iowa-Illinois Gas and Electric Company, now Mid-American Energy, was added. Giving us emergency power and added power capabilities.
  • The generating Plant houses eight diesel engines with a total horsepower of 41,615. Seven of the engines can run on natural gas or diesel.
  • A modern distribution system of the Plant operates at 4,160 volts and 12,470 volts.
  • The administrative building was built in 1967. Line garages were added in 1968 and 1983.
  • A substation was installed on Stewart Street in 1972. An additional substation was installed at the Plant in 1989.
  • The Utility operates and maintains the LED street lighting for the City.
  • Recent Improvements include installing a fiber optic backbone which serves the Utility in monitor and control of the electrical system.
  • The City’s network ties departments together.
  • AMR electric meters have been installed.
  • In 2007 SCR emission controls were being installed.
  • In 2009 two Vensys model 77 wind turbines were installed
  • In 2009 the utilities became a market in the MISO market ( Click Here to learn more on MISO)
  • In 2015 the utilities install a 1,232 KW DC Solar Array