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Premise Alert

During the summer 2009 session of the Illinois legislature the Illinois Premise Alert Act (ILPAA) (PA 96-0788) was passed that requires that Public Safety agencies with CAD programs initiate a Premise Alert Program (PAP) to maintain information on individuals with special needs within their coverage area. This act was signed by Governor Quinn on August 28, 2009.

Agencies are required to publicize the program and accept notifications from the individuals, their families or caregivers. Agencies are then required to be able to identify and be aware of these situations when responding to calls or coming across individuals.

Public Safety agencies are to maintain the database including the name, DOB, phone number, address and employment locations when possible. In addition, agencies should attempt to obtain written permission from an authorized parent or caregiver to enter the information in the database.

Agencies are also supposed to verify the special need. This can be done by statements from the individual, caregivers, family members, friends or medical personnel. The signature on the form should suffice for this.

The act also requires agencies that share CAD systems share the information amongst members of the system. Any information sent to an agency in error is to be forwarded to the proper agency. Information needs to be renewed every two years or when it changes.

Upon coming across a Special Needs person the information retrieved from the CAD system must be relayed to the field personnel by police dispatchers. The information may only be used for legitimate needs and must remain confidential otherwise.

A Special Needs person may have any conditions that require some sort of added attention or response on the part of the Police or Fire departments or other responders. This could include deafness, blindness, autism, mobility issues, inability to communicate, special medical needs or any condition that may affect the needs of the individual with regards to interactions with First Responders.

To obtain and print a copy of the PAP form click here. If you do not have access to printer, a form is available at the Police and Fire stations’ lobbies, City Hall, the Township offices, and any other locations deemed suitable.