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Mayor Kathy Carroll-Duda Welcome to the city of Geneseo’s website!  As a Geneseo native, it is an honor and a privilege for me to be able to serve the people in my community as Mayor.

I believe in the values that Geneseo was founded on back in 1836 where religion, education and community were so important, our founders rode by wagon over 700 miles to develop our city based on these simple ideals.

Today with a population of 6,586 we still hold true to those values with 14 churches who have come together to provide outreach programs and services to the people in our community; an outstanding school district which is recognized not only for its academics but for the extra-curricular programs in music and athletics throughout the State of Illinois for their excellence; clean safe parks and recreation with plenty of greenspace, playgrounds, picnic shelters, ballparks, tennis courts, soccer fields, disc golf, hiking and bike path along the Hennepin Canal, a brand new aquatic center and so much more; community ice cream socials that bring people together for entertainment and support of the benefits; with our changing demographics we have two excellent adult assisted living communities; a state-of-the-art hospital with excellent patient care, extended care and rehab center, and a community center that provides plenty of programs for adults and kids.  What I love most about Geneseo though is that there is such a strong spirit of community in our city.  My vision is to continue to move forward and make our city an even better place to call home by combining our resources and working together to expand and meet our growing needs while keeping that small town charm.

Geneseo is conveniently located right off of I-80 and just 20 minutes by interstate to a major international airport and the larger Quad City Metropolitan area.  Given its location, Geneseo has tremendous economic potential and draw.  The reputation of our school district and sports programs have always been a driving factor for many families to locate in our community.  In addition to this draw we have unique one-of-a-kind shops and art galleries in our downtown, two micro-breweries, wonderful restaurants including the well-known “Cellar” which has been known for 53 years as “Food worth traveling for” and recently voted as “Best steak in Illinois”, but one of the biggest attractions is that it is a safe community to raise a family.  With so much to be proud of in our city we also recognize that there are growing needs in our community and we are working to address many of those needs by remodeling our schools, working to bring in new businesses while sustaining our current ones, developing new housing additions, and expanding our parks and recreation.

As Mayor of Geneseo I feel like we have so much to offer but still a lot to work towards.  My main focus over the next couple of years will be on the following:

  • Fix our aging infrastructure problems, including water, sewer, streets and sidewalks.
  • Place emphasis on economic development in an effort to sustain our current businesses while bringing new businesses and families into our city.
  • Expand our recreational opportunities with more comprehensive sports fields, bike trail access and better playgrounds by working together with the park district and school district.
  • Ensure we are fiscally responsible with the taxpayer’s dollars.
  • Work with a collaboration team and Council to develop a business plan, set goals and priorities so we have focus and direction for our future projects.
  • Determine ways to cut costs, be more efficient and become more environmentally clean.

As Mayor of Geneseo, I will foster good community relations through active leadership and community engagement. Our focus needs to be on the well-being and quality of life for our community and its future.  Together we can build a better Geneseo where people want to come to live, work and play. I invite you to come visit us and experience everything Geneseo has to offer.

We look forward to seeing you!


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