Burn Pile/Refuse/Recycling/Yard Waste

Garbage & Recycling:

  • Monthly rate $14.95 billed on the City Utility Bill for all residential properties in the City of Geneseo
    • Includes Refuse collection weekly on Thursdays or Fridays, depending on where the residence is located
      • Toter with GREEN lid
    • Includes Recycling collection bi-weekly on your refuse day
      • Toter with GRAY lid
        • The toter lid has information on what can be recycled
    • All material must be set out by 6:00AM on any collection day
    • Refuse and Recycling toters are property of the contractor unless extra toters have been purchase by the resident
      • Weekly Refuse exceeding the toter capacity must be placed in an extra toter purchased through the contractor with a subscription purchase. Nothing outside of the toter will be picked up unless a large item pickup is scheduled
  • Residents are entitled to have one large item picked up per month. Small material or furniture as long as one person can load into the collection vehicle. Call (309)944-6419 to schedule a pickup
    • List of acceptable items is linked below
  • Holidays – In the event a Holiday falls on a weekday, services will be delayed one day
  • Toter sizes
    • 65 Gallon, 42″ High, 24″ Wide, 28″ Deep
    • 95 Gallon, 44″ High, 28″ Wide, 32″ Deep


Burn Pile:

Burn Pile Flyer

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Yard Waste:

  • See the Yard Waste Disposal ad listed below for current pricing
  • There is no prorating of service
  • The toter purchase price is a one time fee, the subscription to pick it up is an annual fee
  • All fees for curb side toter pick up must be paid directly to Republic by calling 800-233-9634 and submitting a payment with a debit or credit card
  • Previously purchased yard waste toters will be used, or new toters can be purchased for $65 plus tax and a $11 delivery fee
  • All Yard Waste will be collected on Mondays and Tuesdays. If your Refuse day is Thursday, your Yard Waste pick up will be on Monday. If your Refuse day is Friday, your Yard Waste pick up will be on Tuesday
    • Exceptions: Country Manor and Prairie View customers have Monday Yard Waste pick up
  • The toter may not exceed 50 lbs in weight
  • Extra items that do not fit in the toter size limit of capacity and weight will require Kraft bags and stickers
  • Bundled Brush in a size of no larger than 2 feet in diameter, 5 feet in length and not weighing more than 50 pounds will require one sticker per bundle to be picked up at the curb
  • In lieu of toters, Kraft bags may be set at the curb with stickers on them
  • The stickers are $1.50 each and are sold in a group of 5 stickers for a total of $7.50 per sheet.  They can be purchased at City Hall, Farm & Fleet, and Fareway in Geneseo
  • Unbundled brush permits can still be obtained by calling City Hall (application linked below)

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  • Residents that own a vacant property may apply for a reduced-rate exemption. The resident will need to file the application at Geneseo City Hall and be approved by the Public Works Director
    • The regular $14.95 rate will be reduced to $9.00 until the residence is occupied
    • The property must be vacant for a minimum of 30 before it qualifies
    • Reduced rates are subject to any annual contract rate increases
  • Residents that leave their residence for a winter or summer home may file an exemption application at Geneseo City Hall
    • The regular $14.95 rate will be reduced to $9.00 during the application period. 3 month maximum per calendar year
    • Notify the City in advance of the dates that you will be gone
    • Notify the City upon your return home
    • No exemption shall be granted unless a written application based upon this form is submitted to and approved by the City of Geneseo
    • Reduced rates are subject to any annual contract rate increases
  • All Commercial properties that have residents living above them are exempt from the contract. All properties that have no water or electrical meter are exempt from monthly charges
  • A Hardship Reduction Application is available at the link below and at Geneseo City Hall. The list of rules and qualifications are posted below on the application

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